Flatgame Jam 2021: Aquarium

If you have wanted to try making a game, but have a fear of the technical hurdles, Flatgames might be for you. Created by Laura Dreamfeel as a simple and straightforward way of making narratively focused games, it’s a format that is easy to grasp and quick to understand.

For the Flatgames Jam 2021 the wonderful artist and digital designer Imo Vee and I made a small game about aquariums. The theme for the jam was ‘a place you visited when you were younger’ and we took some time to think about what that meant to us. We wrote lists of places we remembered for various reasons and went through, thinking of connections as we went.

Some of our ideas were pretty complicated, featuring time jumping narratives, which I’m very glad we canned in the end, as what we ended up with is small and quiet, but feels really intimate. Here is our game Aquarium.