Cabin Fever

In the Spring of 2020 Nick co-produced the Cabin Fever digital lab as part of Exit Productions. An online R&D project, Cabin Fever was designed to bring together artists from across the UK and Europe, to explore new ways of collaborating remotely and asychronously. 

As the world lost its physical performance, artists had to adapt, but in such a time of trauma adaptation was itself a difficult process. We realised that creating a space to explore new methods of collaboration and knowledge sharing was essential. Adapting easy to use and already known platforms such as Google sheets and Discord, we produced a series of creative labs for a group of theatre practitioners to develop without the need for a final product.

Over the course of twenty days, the group used various platforms and methods to find the most useful ways to work together and produced four new pieces of interactive work. These were premiered at the end of the project and a handbook/archival document was created to share with other artists.

An R&D Handbook for developing online collaborative spaces and digital performance was published as part of the Cabin Fever output.

The acclaimed interactive theatre piece Jury Duty, and internationally performed Eco Chambers both emerged from this incubation period. 

Cabin Fever was supported by Arts Council England.