Interview for the San Clemente podcast

For the launch of Poetry Games, I was invited to talk to Grace Shackleton about curating the exhibition and championing interactive writing for San Clemente Magazine’s podcast.  Listen to the episode below. Somehow the conversation led to discussing watching Hamlet in real time, making The Queue: The Show and petting the dog in games! Turns out […]

Killscreen: Chrome Dino

Nick was invited by Killscreen Magazine to present a couple of game prompts for readers to try at home. They presented a pair of game activities that could completed without any prior game knowledge and without needing any additional tools or game pieces.  The second is Chrome Dino, which can be read here.

Featured Interview for Killscreen

“Memory, loss, dreams, and isolation—these are just a few themes that game designer, artist, and producer Nick Murray seeks to address. While these are heavy subjects, Nick’s work carries a levity to its form—whether it’s through a Tamagotchi seance or a magical analog telephone. This makes for an emotional depth that captures what it is […]

Feature on BBC Click

Even though Now Play This 2021 was online, I got the chance to see Somerset House briefly for an interview with Christina Criddle for BBC Click. We talked about what an online festival can be, how games can be used to highlight the climate crisis, and to show off some of the great games we […]

Interview for Queer In Gaming: ACM Siggraph

I was invited to chat with Adam Shay for ACM SIGGRAPH’s Queer in Gaming series. We discussed the intersection of queerness and interactive narrative, my experience working across different art mediums, and how this year’s Now Play This is exploring the relationship between play, games and the climate crisis.