csp#1: i wanna tell you a story

“I wanna tell you... a story.”

In January 2017  I was given a box of roughly 250 cassette tapes by a woman who was getting rid of some of her late husband’s stuff. A lot of it was recorded from the radio. Tapes and tapes of their joint likes and interests. Lots of talk radio and lots of Frank Sinatra. Going through them methodically I started to learn who these two people were and how they spent their time. This started the Cassette Studies Project, a series of sonic works using unique constructed instruments (new ones for each study) and archival recordings from these tapes.

CSP#1 was performed on a series of doctored cassette players and constructed drone boxes, I Wanna Tell You a Story explores generational archiving of sound, and pattern-layers.

Performed at Hackoustic Presents (Iklectik, 24/03/17)