Cut & Stick Neighbourhoods

"Welcome esteemed guests to this, the planning meeting for our newly founded neighbourhood! You are the planning committee for your neighbourhood, and before you is a map of the area."

Cut & Stick Neighbourhoods is a city-building/place-making game and a cut-up poetry and collage workshop. Through a series of playful prompts, topography is laid out, infrastructure develops and histories are charted. 

The physical creations from the game are then translated into a digital landscape so that these new neighbourhoods can be revisited by participants and new players alike.

Cut & Stick Neighbourhoods was devised for Voidspace Live (Theatre Deli, 09/06/24).

The digital game from Voidspace Live can be played here.

More from the Voidspace session…

Through a series of creative games over 90 minutes, groups of players (playing architects, landscape designers and civic planners) devised a new neighbourhood each. They uncovered the topography of the land and worked with it to build a vibrant living town. Then following some poetic introductions, they charted the history and culture of the area through image and text. Finally, in civic celebration, they visited each others neighbourhoods, and presented gifts representative of their hometowns.

Following the workshop, the maps were rapidly translated into a digital world that other audiences can explore. A selection of the gifts given in the workshop can be moved around so that new players can leave gifts in neighbourhoods they resonate with too. (For Voidspace Live, the physical pieces became a digital game within 45 minutes to give other participants in the building a chance to explore the world.