Edwin Morgan's Computer

Edwin Morgan’s Computer is a series of game poems/poem games by Nick Murray featuring additional drums by Antosh Wojcik on XMAS1. The full piece can be played here.

Each game is a remix of one of Edwin Morgan’s concrete ‘computer’ poems (plus a bonus remix of one of his science poems, which is more of a sound poem):

XMAS1 || The Computer’s First Christmas Card
XMAS2 || The Computer’s Second Christmas Card
CODE1 || The Computer’s First Code Poem
SCPM1 || Spacepoem 1: from Laika to Gagarin
TRSNLTN: The Computer’s First Translation

All of these poems, except The Computer’s First Translation can be found in Morgan’s Collected Poems anthology published by Carcanet.

Edwin Morgan’s Computer was commissioned by the National Poetry Library and the Edwin Morgan Trust for #EdwinMorgan100.