Walk With Me to Derwent

The performance tightens and unfurls around a live score inspired by the aural tradition of passing melodies down through generations. You are invited for a journey that breaks through the idea of tradition and looks for balance between the past, present and future, between individuality and collectivity. We are looking for an answer to the question: can we move forward while still holding on to cultural memories?

Grains is a dance performance by choreographer Ania Straczynska. The score is composed by Nick Murray. 

Grains was performed in Resolution Festival (The Place – 31/01/18) with a live performance of the score by Nick Murray and Nick Taylor.

“On stage, three women pose a question about a relationship between individuality and community expressed through physical connections. Tender partnering and innovative lifts form the ebb and flow that show a strong feeling of being together, but at the same time a desire to move apart and go forward. “ www.seeingdance.com