Limited (in)vulnerability

Limited (In)vulnerability is a project to explore (in)vulnerability with young people through the medium of video games. Made by a young collective of 12 makers aged 16-21 in Greater Manchester and Lancaster/Morecambe, the games are a short anthology exploring the theme of (in)vulnerability. 

Limited (in)vulnerability project explores why games so often reward players for being invulnerable, and why that might not always be a good thing for those who play games. The games explore how we are conditioned to avoid those moments of vulnerability, and how that impacts on our ability to form meaningful relationships, particularly through the lens of being a young person today; how the world makes us vulnerable, and how we work to embrace or reject that. Directed by Laurence Young and Nick Murray, 12 young people who had no former experience with game design, made their first games to explore aspects of vulnerability, from school leadership elections, to workers rights and the crush of capitalism. Some participants went on to use their new game-making knowledge to submit work to large scale games exhibitions.

Directed by Laurence Young & Nick Murray
Game Designer: Nick Murray
Producer: Ali Wilson