Local Water

"The promontory of our everyday turned upside down. Inverted so as to make water newly familiar."

Spanning hundreds of years, from the Anglo-Saxon settlement of Ludenwic, through the contemporary domestic setting of a council flat in the shadow of gentrification, to a flooded future of speculative architecture, Local Water is part poetic journey and part game-based guidebook through our urban waterways. 

Created as a serialised hypertext piece for Phoenix and BOM’s Careful Networks project, Local Water was released in three monthly chapters on the experimental p2p Beaker platform. 

Local Water can be played here

Initiated by Phoenix and BOM, the Careful Networks existed as a temporary p2p network, home to a series of newly commissioned works. Each work was initially hosted by another artist. The network exists through a collaborative act of care and stewardship. Visitors were also invited to participate in this.

Each of the works was been created within the constraints of a 2mb file size and without external dependencies.

More on the Careful Networks project here

image: Drawing for Decentralized Networks Workshop for WYFY School, in partnership with BUFU, Image Courtesy Taeyoon Choi