Poetry Games

Poetry Games, at The National Poetry Library (Southbank Centre), ran from October 21st 2022 to January 15th 2023. Inviting eighteen poets, artists and game-makers from the UK and beyond to exhibit their innovative work, the exhibition presented a selection of interactive poem pieces from landscapes composed of shifting text, to poetry platformers, to lyrical travelogues of virtual spaces.

Nick Murray curated and produced Poetry Games, the inaugural exhibition from Playing Poetry. Working in collaboration with The National Poetry Library, Nick selected contemporary and historical poetry games, spanning back to the early 1970s though to commissions of new work specifically for the exhibition. 

More information on the exhibition here.

Exhibited Works:

Erratum – Jon Stone
Poetry Jenga – Astra Papachristodoulou
Émile Et Moi – Phillipe Grenon
If We Were Allowed to Visit – Ian MacLarty & Gemma Mahadeo
Pyramid – Thomas Pearson
Rock, Star, North. – Calum Rodger
Adversary – Abigail Parry & Jon Stone
Geohedron – Matt Martin
Phonetic Spiritboard – Luke Thompson
The Amazing Push Poem Machine – The Windows Project
The Amazing Push Poem Machine Card Game – The Windows Project
My Mother’s House – Victoria Bennett & Adam Clarke