Seven Falls

“Seven Falls involves water and gravity, is other worldly, and integrates song and rhythm.”

“Starting with a series of conversations, we found ourselves surrounded by many histories and personal experiences of water. This performance is the record of where we went when we looked under the surface of the water all around us. Purposely working together both in person and at a remove (we are based in different parts of the UK), the piece is intended in part to reflect the drift employed in our perforated process.” – Karen Christopher

Seven Falls is an outdoor performance sited next to a body of water (a river, lake or sea), for an audience of passersby as well as an assembled one. Created by Karen Christopher and Teresa Brayshaw, the piece concerns our preoccupations with safety and the underlying assumptions and reactions instilled by continuous danger and risk assessments. 

For the iteration of Seven Falls at Chisenhale Dance Space (2017), Nick drew on and repurposed the sonic environment of the canal, performing a semi-improvised piece for viola and archival recording. 

Nick's images for a digital zine made to accompany the sound performance, inspired by Karen Christopher’s research.