Tamagotchi Seance #2

Reach back through that path of hyperlinks and your map of unclosed tabs. Find your old companion, long since dead, and ask what the world looks like from the beyond.

Tamagotchi Seance #2 is a love letter to, and a eulogy for, your long gone, digital pets. Part glitch poetic, part occult reading, Tamagotchi Seance #2 offers a gentle glance across the veil, at how loss and grief take shape in the digital age.
Housed in a physical egg, Tamagotch Seanse #2 invites participants to divine their own generated seance poem. 
Tamagotchi Seance #2 was exhibited as part of Hauntings, an exhibtion of innovative visual poetry at the Brewery Tap project space, Folkestone, 13-19th November 2023. The exhibition was produced by Poem Atlas and ArtBLAB.
Tamagotchi Seance #2 was exhibited as part of Voidspace Live (Theatre Deli, 09/06/24)