The Grannies

“ the glitchy event horizon of Rockstar’s virtual-western epic” - The Guardian

A documentary short film. A group of players venture beyond the boundaries of the videogame Red Dead Online (Rockstar Games, 2018). Peeking behind the curtain of the game’s virtual world they discover a captivating and ethereal space that reveals the humanity and materiality of digital creations.

Originally commissioned for Now Play This 2020, The Grannies follows a group of friends, game-makers and explorers as they break through the invisible borders of a shared virtual world. 

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The Grannies are Marigold Bartlett, Andrew Brophy, Ian MacLarty, Kalonica Quigley and friends.

Director: Marie Foulston. Editor: Luke Neher. Sound Design: Sam Gill. Music: Luke Neher, Sam Gill. Producers: Nick Murray, Marie Foulston.