Tamagotchi and Death in the Internet Age

Tamagotchis and Death in the Internet Age “Owners of a tamagotchi are affectionately dubbed caretakers, as though, while you might own the plastic housing, you are just looking after the creature inside, until it goes on to its next place… and that next place is death.” Originally devised as a micro-talk for Arcadia (Dundee, 2023) Tamagotchis […]

Cut & Stick Neighbourhoods

Cut & Stick Neighbourhoods “Welcome esteemed guests to this, the planning meeting for our newly founded neighbourhood! You are the planning committee for your neighbourhood, and before you is a map of the area.” Cut & Stick Neighbourhoods is a city-building/place-making game and a cut-up poetry and collage workshop. Through a series of playful prompts, […]

European Poetry Festival 2023

European Poetry Festival “I consider how my father came over stood in my bedroom as if lost a corkscrew swinging on his thumb like a pendulum in a wall clock.” Nick was invited to take part in the European Poetry Festival 2023 as part of the Latvian Poetry Celebration. Collaborating with Latvian poet Ivars Šteinbergs, […]

Kaiju Ecopoetics

Kaiju Ecopoetics Kaiju Poetics is part poetry sequence, part board game, part old-school presentation. A three chapter poetic performance inviting the audience to create a world as it unfolds. Participants take part in the map-making of a place over hundreds of years.  Using the symbolism of Kaiju, giant monsters like Godzilla, to present an unstoppable […]

Beyond Text

Beyond Text Taking place over three days of workshops, performances and discussion, Beyond Text Innovative Poetry Festival celebrates experimental writing. Present contemporary poetry in a way that is accessible Beyond Text serves all experience levels of the form.  Nick was invited to perform for Beyond Text 2023. Though usually taking place in Folkestone, UK, the […]

Tamagotchi and Death Micro Talk

Tamagotchis and Death: Micro Talk In January 2023, Nick was invited to the Arcadia games festival and conference in Dundee, Scotland. As part of this they gave a microtalk on Tamagotchis and how death is used in the digital pet’s life cycle. This five minute talk led to a full length presentation that Nick has […]

Colliding Lines: Reanimation

Reanimation Reanimation: Labyrinth | New Rivers Studios, LONDONFebruary 6th, 2020 Mother Ivy (this time comprising Nick Murray and Antosh Wojcik) joins international arts collective Colliding Lines for Reanimation, a monthly live series re-visiting, re-scoring and re-imagining different eras of avant garde and experimental animation. Each month, Reanimation invites a diverse line-up of musicians and sound […]


Duplicate Duplicate (No one will drink the water of your well if you yourself do not drink it) is an exhibition by Byzantia Harlow and the culmination of a nine month period of research. The exhibition, comprised of sculpture and video, used the metaphor of sustenance from an impure source to question what is genuine and […]

Seven Falls

Seven Falls “Seven Falls involves water and gravity, is other worldly, and integrates song and rhythm.” “Starting with a series of conversations, we found ourselves surrounded by many histories and personal experiences of water. This performance is the record of where we went when we looked under the surface of the water all around us. […]

CSP #1: i wanna tell you a story

csp#1: i wanna tell you a story “I wanna tell you… a story.” In January 2017  I was given a box of roughly 250 cassette tapes by a woman who was getting rid of some of her late husband’s stuff. A lot of it was recorded from the radio. Tapes and tapes of their joint […]