CUTE As part of the CUTE exhibition at Somerset House, Nick Murray was commissioned to curate and produce an arcade celebrating cute games, and how cuteness can be used to explore deeper questions. Curating holistically, Nick designed the froggy cabinets and visual identity for the arcade, designed and installed the tech implementation and curated the […]

Virtual Textual

Virtual Textual For Playing Poetry’s second full scale exhibition, Nick Murray curated and produced Virtual Textual, a custom built arcade that combines traditional arcade aesthetics with a speculative future vision of tended gardens. While playing with a dark, cinematic feeling, the technologically-focused curation leans away from the cyberpunk tropes of the future. Instead the exbihition’s […]

Now Play This

Now Play This Now Play This is a festival of experimental game design at Somerset House, showcasing interactive and playful work as part of the London Games Festival. Initially three days, and expanding to nine in 2019, Now Play This runs every spring across Somerset House‚Äôs New Wing, River Terrace and Courtyard. Now Play This […]

Poetry Games

Poetry Games Poetry Games, at The National Poetry Library (Southbank Centre), ran from October 21st 2022 to January 15th 2023. Inviting eighteen poets, artists and game-makers from the UK and beyond to exhibit their innovative work, the exhibition presented a selection of interactive poem pieces from landscapes composed of shifting text, to poetry platformers, to […]

Playing Poetry

Playing Poetry In February 2023 Nick founded Playing Poetry, an organisation that champions playful and interactive literature, through exhibitions, workshops and tailored events. The goal is to present a platform for game-based writing and provide an inclusive network for writers and game-makers. Playing Poetry has emerged from many years in poetry publishing, producing live literature, […]