Kaiju Ecopoetics

Kaiju Ecopoetics Kaiju Poetics is part poetry sequence, part board game, part old-school presentation. A three chapter poetic performance inviting the audience to create a world as it unfolds. Participants take part in the map-making of a place over hundreds of years.  Using the symbolism of Kaiju, giant monsters like Godzilla, to present an unstoppable […]

The Grannies

The Grannies “ the glitchy event horizon of Rockstar’s virtual-western epic” – The Guardian A documentary short film. A group of players venture beyond the boundaries of the videogame Red Dead Online (Rockstar Games, 2018). Peeking behind the curtain of the game’s virtual world they discover a captivating and ethereal space that reveals the humanity […]

Interview for the San Clemente podcast

For the launch of Poetry Games, I was invited to talk to Grace Shackleton about curating the exhibition and championing interactive writing for San Clemente Magazine’s podcast.  Listen to the episode below. Somehow the conversation led to discussing watching Hamlet in real time, making The Queue: The Show and petting the dog in games! Turns out […]

Local Water – Careful Networks

Local Water “The promontory of our everyday turned upside down. Inverted so as to make water newly familiar.” Spanning hundreds of years, from the Anglo-Saxon settlement of Ludenwic, through the contemporary domestic setting of a council flat in the shadow of gentrification, to a flooded future of speculative architecture, Local Water is part poetic journey […]

After Triumph selected for Indiepocalypse #22

After Triumph, my text-based tarot-reading walking simulator is part of the great games anthology Indiepocalypse. I highly recommend you get this issue and all other issues of Indiepocalypse as they’re doing amazing things for indie games culture.  Indiepocalypse #22 You can also just play After Triumph here

After Triumph

After Triumph After Triumph is a walk across an uncanny landscape. A text-based tarot-reading walking simulator. The walk is long, but the game is short. (approximately five minutes to get through to an ending.) The game plays as a journey and also a reading of the major arcana. Each half sort of divines the other. […]


Heterotopias 008.01 Correspondence on the Subject of Power, is a epistolary study into the variety of ways that Control (Remedy Entertainment, 505 Games) manifests institutional, supernatural and psychological power through its brutalist interiors and narrative frames, featuring a striking photo-essay tracing the patterns and typologies of “The Oldest House”. This is the second collaborative essay by […]

Killscreen: Chrome Dino

Nick was invited by Killscreen Magazine to present a couple of game prompts for readers to try at home. They presented a pair of game activities that could completed without any prior game knowledge and without needing any additional tools or game pieces.  The second is Chrome Dino, which can be read here.

Festival ECRÃ

Festival ECRÃ Translating the game into Brazilian Portuguese, Waiting for Godot: A Simulator was exhibited as part of the 5th Festival ECRÃ, Brazil’s contemporary film and game event. The game can be played online here.