Elementor #3522

APITW Score at Camden Art Centre Abi Palmer Invents The Weather, the film sequence by Abi Palmer with sound design and composition by Nick Murray is part of the New Contemporaries exhibition!  The exhibition is on at Camden Art Centre until the 14th April 2024. Go and see this wonderful film and hear my noises […]

Mother Ivy

Mother Ivy “Sifting through the internet, searching for signs of the apocalypse.” Mother Ivy is the performing name for an amorphous set of Nick’s musical projects. The style and performing line-up changes for each project. Mother Ivy @ Colliding Lines Mother Ivy Bandcamp page  

Abi Palmer Invents the Weather

Abi Palmer Invents the Weather Unable to reach the outside world during the Covid-19 pandemic, Abi Palmer began a year-long process of performing the outside world for her indoor cats Cha-U-Kao and Lola Lola, translating each season into a cat-accessible format. Continuing their longterm collaboration, Nick composed the score for Abi Palmer’s series of four […]

Colliding Lines: H O M E

Colliding lines: HOME As part of the international arts collective Colliding Lines, Nick composed a soundscape reworking/remix of H O M E, an anthology of new visual poetry. In the anthology, we asked ten poets to submit work to be re-imagined by five graphic artists, the resulting pieces taking on new meaning through the collaborative process. The […]

Progressions: Prelude

Progressions – prelude Nick Murray and Tom Fox collaborated on a data driven musical composition responding to the huge shifts of 2020 and Wordsworth’s extended poetry sequence The Prelude. Commissioned by The Quietus and Aerial Festival Nick and Tom reworked global temperature data, instances of urban creep, the frequency of isolation, and the terminologies of […]

Colliding Lines: Reanimation

Reanimation Reanimation: Labyrinth | New Rivers Studios, LONDONFebruary 6th, 2020 Mother Ivy (this time comprising Nick Murray and Antosh Wojcik) joins international arts collective Colliding Lines for Reanimation, a monthly live series re-visiting, re-scoring and re-imagining different eras of avant garde and experimental animation. Each month, Reanimation invites a diverse line-up of musicians and sound […]

Dead Poets Social Club

Dead Poets Social Club Performed over two Autumn nights in Tower Hamlets Cemetery, Chris McCabe searches for the lost poets of the East End. Part of McCabe’s ongoing project to explore the Magnificent Seven (the cemeteries ringing London). Accompanying Chris McCabe’s poetic exploration, Nick composed a set of three pieces for looped viola and sampled […]


Quimera Dance meets circus in QUIMERA, a moving and darkly funny performance inspired by Cervantes’ D. Quixote. Quimera is a retiree and she wants to change the world, emerging from her tiny room into a fantastical landscape that inadvertently leads her to becoming a hero. Created by Nua Dance and Neus Gil Cortes. Nick worked […]


Walk With Me to Derwent The performance tightens and unfurls around a live score inspired by the aural tradition of passing melodies down through generations. You are invited for a journey that breaks through the idea of tradition and looks for balance between the past, present and future, between individuality and collectivity. We are looking […]